DanceForms 2 - choreography software with Ballet Moves II

From the legacy of Life Forms animation software, Credo Interactive presents the first choreography software designed with dance teachers and choreographers. DanceForms 2 inspires you to visualize and chronicle dance steps or entire routines in an easy-to-use 3D environment. For choreography, interdisciplinary arts and dance technology applications.

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Let DanceForms bring your creativity to life:

  • Sketch out your choreographic ideas using an assortment of poseable dance figures.
  • Save time by mixing, matching, and blending sequences from DanceForms' existing libraries and palettes of dance movement.
  • Animate single figures, or large groups.
  • Use the many innovative features to bring your dance ideas to three dimensional life

DanceForms Screens

Example of best animation created using Dance Forms

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by © Jimmy Gamonet
DanceForms 2.0
DanceForms interface with Stage window
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The complete DanceForms interface
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The newly updated interface has dance-friendly terminology and familiar concepts to help you get animating fast. Use the Studio window to pose your character. Play back the results in the Stage. Chronicle the details of the motion step by step in the Score window. And finally, see the finished product with colors, textures and even music in the Performance window.

Included in DanceForms 2 :

Rhonda Ryman's Ballet Moves II

All English ballet sequences from the first edition have been updated with new dance figures and metronome beats. Ballet Moves II features brand-new content, including a complete Russian Dance library and selected palettes & motions from the Italian school.

Modern Dance moves

A library of Modern Dance content.

And in addition:

Windows 7 and Vista compatible and new body models.

DanceForms Practical Guide
Complementing the Modern Dance and Ballet Moves content collections, the tutorial-based Practical Guide offers a hands-on approach to learning the program with step-by-step exercises.

New dance-friendly terminology
Includes the Score, Studio and Performance Windows, and Stage Left, Stage Right, Audience and Backstage views.

Metronome sound feature:
Lets you add a choice of metronome beat sounds to your animations.

Sound integration
Lets you play back MIDI, MP3 or AIFF music along with your animations.

3D file format support
Support for other programs including Maya, LightWave 3D, 3D Studio Max, and Poser.

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